Tax Withholding

Approved by: Payroll

Responsible Official: Payroll Manager
                                (918) 444-2036 

History: Revised – April 21, 2015 

Additional References:  W-4 Form



All individuals paid through the University payroll system must have a Form W-4 on file regardless of the type of work performed.  A copy of the Social Security card must be provided before the individual can be paid.  The necessary forms are completed when the employee participates in the Employee Orientation program through Human Resources.  Student employees will complete payroll enrollment forms in their divisions.

Employees who do not have a Social Security card must go to a Social Security Office to apply for one.  The receipt provided by the Social Security Office may be submitted to the Payroll Office to be used until the actual card is received.  The local office is located in Muskogee, OK.

Changes to W-4s are processed on the next available payroll.

The University is required to withhold certain federal and state taxes.