Computing and Telecommunications is a service-oriented general purpose computing facility providing services in support of the University's mission. Computing and Telecommunications consists of five functional areas:

  1. Information Services
    Develops, maintains, and enhances central computing software used by campus offices to provide student and employee services.

  2. Technical Services
    Maintains and expands campus computer networks and telephone systems, and supports distance education technologies.

  3. Microcomputing Services
    Provides phone-in Q&A support, training on campus standard software, operating systems and hardware, and provides PC consulting.

  4. Video Services
    Produces, obtains and distributes audio and video material in support of instruction and special events, and operates campus CATV and the NSU TV station.

  5. Support Services
    Provides clerical support, manages the campus copier program, and provides telephone operators and service staff.

Computing and Telecommunications is located in the Northeastern Education Technology (NET) Center.